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Curb Service schedule + menu+ specials updated on Wednesday!

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Pick-up times begin at 4:30pm at our Back Door
Yes you can pre-order for either day!
Call 336-699-4898 anytime to order, pay & schedule time for pick-up. 

***To keep everyone SAFE – please stay in car  - 

VERY helpful to bring a piece of paper with your name on it to hold up -

I will see you and bring your order place it on the table – after I’m finished - 

you can get out and pack it in your car. ***

David & I really appreciate your continued support - Thanks!


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Curb Service Menu May 22 & 23

New additional Menu items!

Kitchen Roselli

Stirring since 2006

Here in North Carolina  we found the perfect home for our first restaurant.

We love sharing timeless recipes from our Italian families 

along with new dishes and cocktails we have created together. 

Nearly 14 years - thank you!

David & Laura Roselli


Lorenzo Roselli chef


Curb Service Thank you!


And behind door #1...

Our Creamy Italian Dressing

And behind door #1...

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May 16 & 17

Our Creamy Italian Dressing

And behind door #1...

Cooking & Baking - we love it!


Our Creamy Italian Dressing

Our Creamy Italian Dressing

Our Creamy Italian Dressing

 available with order!

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Not a traditional Gift Certificate  

What you do => Tell that special someone you'd like to pick up the entire tab for dinner or spend a certain amount...

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 if you'd like to text or email along with your message!


Call us to let us know!

**Call us at 336-699-4898** to give us the heads up with the name of the person + the dollar amount along with your payment information.

Then your gift recipient can order when they like!


You won't be charged unless they pick-up!

That's right! You will only be charged if an order is placed. 

Please don't hesitate to call Laura with any questions!

More goodness...



Our famous Shine Salad

10 layers

Where people order their dessert first!


10 layers

Our famous Shine Salad

10 layers



Our famous Shine Salad

Our famous Shine Salad

Our famous Shine Salad

Served Prohibition Style in a glass mason jar with “Our Secret Recipe” creamy Italian dressing

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